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Haziran 05

Here’s What Prophet Muhammad Did That Muslims Don’t Want You To Know

We hear all the time from self-proclaimed moderates that ISIS has nothing to do with Islam, and terrorists are simply misunderstanding the Quran. However, to undeniably clear up confusion once and for all, one must simply look at what the Islamic Prophet Muhammad did during his lifetime to see exactly how Muslims are meant to […]

Mart 03

The biggest holocaust in World History

Researching and studying the impact of Islam and jihad on the world, we have come to the conclusion that India today is not living under its own authentic Hindu culture. The country is deeply contaminated by Islam. The Hinduism w see today which has shaped the current day India is basically Islamu rather than Hindu. […]

Eylül 28

Islamic State – Do We Believe Obama or Mohammed?

We’re at the time in history when ISIS, also called Islamic State or ISIL, has cut off the head of someone in the media. And it was so atrocious that many chose to speak out against it and one of them was Obama. Here’s what Obama says about Islamic State, “They’ve rampaged across cities and […]

Kasım 29

Religion and Atheism (Gallup Search)

Religion and Atheism (Gallup Search)

Kasım 21

Turan Dursun: “Islam and Violence”

Infidels, had to be caught and executed wherever they were. The defeated either had to be beheaded, taken over, had to cross-cut by their hands or feet, or expelled from the land. Christians and Jews had to be unfriended. According to the Sheikh-ul-Islam, Alevites’ blood was halal. 3 out of 4 caliphs after the Prophet […]

Kasım 16

Who wrote the Quran?

Non Muslim Quranic experts attribute the Qur’an in its form today to post-7th Century  alterations. The consensus is, “independent scholars studying the Qur’an and Hadith, have concluded that the Islamic scripture was not revealed to just one man, but was a compilation of later redactions and editions formulated by a group of men, over the course of […]

Kasım 16

Pdf Book: The Truth About Muhammad by Robert Spencer (2006)

Click and Read: “The Truth About Muhammad by Robert Spencer (2006)”

Temmuz 20

Why Islam’s rules for fasting in Ramadan don’t make sense

Like many other religions, Islam proclaims that ritual fasting is a good thing in the eyes of God (in that case Allah). And of course there are some rules and regulations for it. As with the prohibition of alcohol however the rules for fasting don’t actually meet the standards one could expect of a God.

Temmuz 20

Ramadan Versus Tromsø, Norway

Ramadan (or Ramzan) is the Islamic month of fasting, in which Muslims do not eat or drink anything from true dawn until sunset. Fasting, according to Islamic theology, is meant to teach the person patience, sacrifice and humility. During Ramzan, Muslims offer more prayer than usual.

Temmuz 20

A call to break the fast publicly in Ramadan

The month of Ramadan is considered as one of the most important and most sacred religious occasions for Muslims. During that month, Muslims refrain from eating, drinking, and having sex everyday from sunrise to sunset. Unfortunately, as many people know, Muslim society absolutely refuses to respect alternative voices and opinions, especially if it comes from […]

Temmuz 03

Dude, Who killed my prophet?

Haziran 26

New Book: “Did Muhammad Exist?” by Robert Spencer

Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch, has released a new book titled, Did Muhammad Exist? An Inquiry into Islam’s Obscure Origins. On April 24th, Mr. Spencer spoke on his book at a joint meeting of the Middle East Forum and Gatestone Institutein New York City.

Haziran 24

Atheist Turkish family wins case on compulsory religion classes

An administrative court in Istanbul has ruled that the child of an atheist couple can be exempt from compulsory religion classes at a primary school. An administrative court in Istanbul has ruled that the child of an atheist couple can be exempt from compulsory religion classes at a primary school, Anatolia news agency reported Tuesday.

Haziran 22

LIBIDO: First atheist journal of Turkey is out

Libido: The first journal about atheism in Turkish language is buyable since April 11 2012 at the several bookstores. The journal named Libido is defining itself as Bulletin of Theology and Psychoanalysis according to magazine cover. With the first issue April 2012 the journal Libido can be buy since April 11, 2012 at following bookstores.

Haziran 18

Video: Nuh’un Gemisi (Thinking Atheist)

Nuh’un Gemisi.. Tanrı, zürafalar ve soykırımın öyküsü. Bu büyük tufanın Kutsal Kitap’ta anlatılan hikayesi, özellikle kendisini destekleyen jeolojik kanıtların olmadığı bilinen, felaket boyutlarında gerçekleşen küresel bir olay. Çeviri: Garajımdaki Ejderha

Haziran 15

UK Christians: “Religion should not have special influence on public policy”

UK Christians are overwhelmingly secular in their attitudes on a range of issues from gay rights to religion in public life, according to new research. In the week following the 2011 Census, Ipsos MORI conducted a UK-wide survey on behalf of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (UK), exploring the beliefs, knowledge and attitudes of […]