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Turan Dursun: “Islam and Violence”

Infidels, had to be caught and executed wherever they were. The defeated either had to be beheaded, taken over, had to cross-cut by their hands or feet, or expelled from the land. Christians and Jews had to be unfriended. According to the Sheikh-ul-Islam, Alevites’ blood was halal. 3 out of 4 caliphs after the Prophet were killed by the knives of the Muslims. This was the peace offered by the sharia.

The news has come. News are taken to Medina, to the Prophet. He got very angry. He orders for the capture of the men; they get apprehended. The guilty are taken to Prophet Mohammed. Prophet’s decision is strict:

– Cross-cut their hands and feet. Take out their eyes.

The order is carried out.

The guilty’s hands and feet are cross-cut. Their eyes are taken out.

They are taken to a place outside of Medina called Al-Harra, so-called because the place is burning like fire under the sun. They ask water, but receive none.

“They munch on Stones”, “With their mouth and teeth, they dig up the earth”.

They are left like that till they die. (Buhari Zekât/68, Cihad 152; TecrîtlVudû, hadis 172; Müslim, Kesâme/9-14, hadis 1671; Sunan Abu Dawud, Hudûd 3, hadis 4364-4371; Tirmidhi, Ebvâbu’t-Tahâre/55, hadis 72-73; Nasa’i, Tahrimü’d-Dem/7; Ibn Mace, Hudud 120, hadis 2578-2579. Bukhari has mentioned this in 7 places9 ways, Abu Dawud in 1 place, 5 ways, Nasa’i 1 place, 4 different ways).

What is the guilt of these man, and first of all who are they? They are from the ‘Ukl and ‘Uraina tribes. They came to the prophet and declared themselves Muslims. Their color is yellow, they are sick. The prophet, with all his hospitality, makes them drink camel milk and “camel urine”, and heal them. They ask to go to an airy place. The prophet gives them a camel herd, assigns a herder with them. “These guys” kill the herder and take the prophet’s camel herd with them.

“The prophet, although he was against torture, could order death by torture in this incident?” This question is researched in the Hadith sources. Some insist that this murder took place before the Prophet “banned torture”. Some say that this was a “revenge”. Because the guilty has also done this torture to the prophet’s herder. But the governing thought is that the prophet took side with Surat Al-Ma’idah 5:33, meaning he has commanded according to the order of God.

BUHARI. FROM TECRlD-I SARIH, “Cut their legs, take out their eyes”

Amputate their hands and feet oppositely

The mischievous on earth, had to choose death from a death list. Ayah 33 of Surat Al-Ma’idah orders this:

“إِنَّمَا جَزَاءُ الَّذِينَ يُحَارِبُونَ اللَّهَ وَرَسُولَهُ وَيَسْعَوْنَ فِي الْأَرْضِ فَسَادًا أَن يُقَتَّلُوا أَوْ يُصَلَّبُوا أَوْ تُقَطَّعَ أَيْدِيهِمْ وَأَرْجُلُهُم مِّنْ خِلَافٍ أَوْ يُنفَوْا مِنَ الْأَرْضِ ۚ ذَٰلِكَ لَهُمْ خِزْيٌ فِي الدُّنْيَا ۖ وَلَهُمْ فِي الْآخِرَةِ عَذَابٌ عَظِيمٌ”
“The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter.”

Hundreds of years pass. Year, 1974 AD. Location: Turkey, Kirikkale. Publicly known as “Commando Camps” of MHP (MHP is a ultra-nationalist party in Turkey). They teach Islam:

“In the encampment of the Grey Wolves in Kirikkale (Turkish nationalists call themselves Grey Wolves = Bozkurt), we take out the brains of religion-opposers, exterminate disbelievers, strangle them dogs”. (Erdogan Asilyuce, Turkish-Metal Syndicate’s Seydisehir Office Manager, “Kirikkale from all the angles”, 1974). 4 years later, December 1978. The teaching is carried in Maras, in the name of God. They hit the head of Sheikh Ismail with an axe, he is in the copper business, has his brains out with the impacts. His sister’s breasts are cut off, killed brutally after a series of torture. In the area of Yuruk Selim, some women are killed by cutting their breasts off. 6 month babies, pregnant women are fired upon. They poke long needles in their eyes. Some exterminations are done by “amputating the legs and hands oppositely”.

If you want to save your blood and your belongings

Phophet says:
“I was ordered to fight, battle with people(mukatele) till they believe that Allah is one, Mohammed is his prophet, till they turn to our Qibla, till they eat what we slaughter, till they pray our prayers, and till they give their Zekaths, they then save their blood and belongings from me.” (Buhari, Selât/28; Tecrit, hadis 24; Ebû Dâvûd, Cihâd/104, hadis 2641; Müslim, İmân/32, hadis 20,22).

Sirin Tekin was yet at his 17. He was loved by his environment. He used to talk about the democratic rights of the students. He didn’t involve in feasting. That day (May 3, 1987), he was sitting at the cafe across the Van 100 Years University. An amount of 50, with knives and sticks dropped. They called themselves: “Guardians of Islam”. They believed that they were ordered “mukatele” (means fighting, battle in Ottoman Turkish). Didn’t the Rector also say “They fight in the name of Islam”? Sirin Tekin couldn’t save his, “blood” from the attackers.

To kill Communists is better than visiting the Holly lands a hundred times

Unbelievers were let “four days to roam the earth”. It was messaged what to do with them at the end of this period:

“Wherever you find them, kill, capture, jail, wait to capture them in every look-out position. If they confess, they pray namaz, and give their Zekath, let them go. God is all-forgiving and tender”. (Surah Tevbe, 5. Ayeth, Bakarar, 191; Nisa, 89,91).

And this war raged in the name of Allah had to continue till the apocalypse. Believer had been called to fight, with everything they’ve got, for God and the supremacy of Islam. Shari’ah had to be more important than all the other beliefs, and religions, and this holly war wouldn’t end till “Deccal was murdered” (Ebû Dâvûd, Kita-bu’l-Cihâd, 4-Babuunfi Devami’l-Cihad, Hadith 2484, 3. Print, Page ll).

February 1969. Namaz for Jihad is being preyed in the Mosques. People are called “to shed the blood of the Communists”. On the day of February 16, 1969, after the namaz is over in Dolmabahce and Findikli Mosques, mobs go to the Taksim square. That day, the square is waiting to be filled with anti-imperialist protestors against the 6th regiment of the US army. Is America friend of Muslims or what? There lies two dead bodies. Turgut Aytac, and Duran Erdogan. Hundreds of wounded. Newspapers headlines: Bloody Sunday…

Ceasefire with the Unbelievers is temporary, Jihad is for life, till the end, till everyone is one with us!…

1978 December. Maras(a Turkish city) is heavy with winter. Slogans are written on walls and the windows of shops:

“To war for Allah!” and they get to Jihad. TRT(Turkish National Broadcast), after newscasting the 111th death, ceases to broadcast the latest obtained deaths. The official toll on a little engagement for Jihad is left half. January 1979, Trabzon. Nationalist Youth signed information: “The fight in Turkey, is the fight between Islam and unbelievers. Today Turkey lives through the time before the Bedir war. Muslims, run when you are called to Jihad. To kill a communist, is better than to visit the Holly lands a hundred times”.

** bildiri’nin kelime anlamina bak, information yazdim

July 9, 1979. An information in Tokat: “Nothing can take you away from the fight you engaged for the Allah’s blessings… Our bullets will travel to where our voices can’t reach… Either we shut them up, or make them vomit blood”.

Jihad goes on without any setbacks. Erzincan, Malatya, Sivas… Till the end… Corum will also be in line.

December 16 1979. Barbaros Cafe next to the Besiktas ferry. We are seated. A hot conversation topic, big expectations. A timed-bomb goes off. Signed Turkish Islamist Unity. Is this also an order from god? 5 dead, 22 wounded.

Be happy with your deal!

“Allah without doubt, has bought the lives and belongings for the believers who dies and have died in the name of Allah -as a right given in Turah, Bible and Qur’an-
for a place in heaven. For whom is it more obvious to withhold his swear but to god? Then be happy with your deal! This is a big success.” (Surah of Tevbe, 111)

Heaven has been promised for the Muslims who kills unbelievers. December 2 1978. An information is being handed by the “Muslim Youth” in Sivas: “Muslim don’t stop! Move without delay. Death should find you as a Shehid”. Signed, MHP… And the agreement for the MHP, holds 682 murders. This means, at least 682 countrymen, although lived through great difficulties, hardships, poverty, by fighting and killing “in the name of Allah” could be happy because they had made a “good deal”.

** iddianame kelime anlamina bak, agreement yazdim

His guilt was to oppose

Ka’b son of Eshref was a young poet. He opposed the Prophet and his believers. Prophet, one day, asked his friends:

-Is there anyone to kill this man?

Mohammed son of Mesleme, jumped in:

-I am.

How was Ka’b son of Eshref was going to be killed. Plans were made. According to the books on Hadiths, “lies” were made up, “trap” was set. One night, the poet in his castle was beheaded and the plan succeeded. And the decapatated head was taken to the Prophet (Buhari, Jihad/15/1, Rehn/3, Tecrit, Hadith 1578; Muslim, Jihad/119, Hadith 1801; Ebu Davud, Jihad/169, Hadith 2768).

Year 1978,79,80. Berettin Comert, Abdi ipekci, Cavit Orhan Tutengil, Bedri Karafakioglu, Umit Kaftancıoglu, Umit Doganay, Sevinç Ozguner, Dogan Oz… Wasn’t there any believer to kill these in the way of Allah? He was found, there was. Traps were set. “Mukatele” would go on till everyone was one of us.

** elestirmek, pusu kelime anlamina bak, oppose,trap yazdim

If the Women and children were one of them

Who were allowed to be murdered? “The men who could hold weapon could be murdered”. The old ones who haven’t lost their mind yet also be murdered. But the crazy couldn’t be murdered. But this order had an exception too. If the crazy, was in a manner of fighting, was rich, or was a governor, he would be murdered.

Prophet ordered so:

“Kill the old of the unbelievers, but leave their children!” (Ebu Davud, Jihad/121, Hadith 2670; Tirmizi, Siyer/29, Hadith 1583).

This order was given in the time of Kurayza Jews slaughter. To leave the children was needed. Because they were also war-valuables, they were going to be slaves. In this slaughter, one woman was also murdered because she had opposed the prophet.

Again in the night attacks, while infidels were being sworded, houses being burned and demolished, “women and children” were among the murdered.

Because of this, one of his friends asked the prophet:

-You the messenger of Allah! In the night attacks to the houses, the infidels women and children are also being murdered, what do you say?

-They are also one of them (women and children are of them) (Ebu Davud, Jihad/102, Hadith 2638; Jihad/121, Hadith 2672: Ibn Ma-ce, Jihad, Hadith 2840; Ahmet Ibn Hanbel, 4/46; Tirmizi, Siyer/19, Hadith 1570).

What about the woman, our muslim mothers, wives, sisters, friends that are with us?

They had to give in to the order of men. If they didn’t behave, the holy book said “Give them a piece of mind, separate your beds, if they still don’t agree, beat them” (Nisa, 34).

The Muslim woman’s future also holds, violence.

To burn in fire was fit for Allah, but…

Prophet didn’t find it right to kill by burning in fire.

Prophet Mohammed, one day calls Hamza son of Mohammed. He appoints him as commander of a war group, and orders:

-If you find that man, throw him in fire, and burn him!
Hamza is about to take his group and be on the way. At that moment, prophet calls Hamza again. This time, he says:

-If you find that man, I said to throw him in fire. But before that kill him, then burn him. Because the sentencing of burning in fire, can only be decided by the fire’s creator.” (Ebu Davud, Jihad/122, Hadith 2673).

Ebu Hureyre narrates. One day the Prophet was sending us to the enemy as a war group. At that moment, by giving two names from the Kureysha and told this:
-When you catch these, burn them, both of them!
Prophet turned later and corrected the order:
-I told you to burn them if you catch these two, but do not burn them. Because the sentence to burn them, can only be given by Allah. You should only catch and kill them. (Buhari, Jihad/107,149; Ebu Davud. Jihad/122, Hadith 2674; Tirmizi, Siyer/20, Hadith 1571).

This was how Prophet handled, but the Halifaths following him had applied the sentencing of burning. And even while doing that, they told they had permission of the Prophet. Ebubekir, when a movement of abandoning religion (“Ridde”) right after the death of the prophet started, gave this order to his commanders:

-If they still resist, brand them with hot iron, burn them in fire! (Taberi, History, 1/1881-1885; Leoni Gaetani, Islam History, Translation: Huseyin Cahid, Istanbul, 1926,8/276).

And this order was handled: Halid Ibnu’l-Velid, in the time of war, ordered digging of “fire-pits”, burned many people alive in that fire. Including women. A captive woman is advised to become a Muslim. She refuses. She is told she will be thrown into the live fire. Then the woman recites the following translated poem and throws herself into the fire: “Hello Death! It’s a pity I have no other salvation. So I am throwing myself into the fire.” (Habis, pages 28-34; Ca-etani, same book, 8/306).

When Ebubekir is asked how he gave the order to “burn in fire alive”, the Haliphat says that the Prophet also ordered such punishments. Ali the Haliphat is also mentioned as someone who ordered throwing people into the “fire pits” because they weren’t leaving their beliefs: in a Hadith mentioned by Buhari, when they have told Ibn Abbas that Ali ordered “throwing a tribe into the fire”, Ibn Abbas told:
-I wouldn’t do that if I were him. Because Prophet told “Don’t punish people as God would!”. If it was up to me, I would only kill them. (Buhari, Jihad/149; Tecrid, Hadith 1264; Nesei, Tahrimu’d-Dem/14)

Date is May 14, 1987. Place Edirne, Beypazari (a city and a village in Turkey). A person named Ertan Gokcen, throws oil onto Necmettin Yedikardesler who was living in a car because he didn’t have a house. The reason was that Necmettin was drinking alcohol at Ramazan (Gunes, May 15, 1987).

—-—ispirto ne demek, bak.———-—

Burn their houses, trees!

At the time of the prophet, night attacks was common. With the order of the Prophet, “Kill, kill!” slogans were shouted. Then they would go on to pillaging (Ebu Davud, Jihad/102, Hadith 2638; Ibn Mace, Jihad/30, Hadith 2840).

In Palestine, somewhere called “Ubna” (later Yubnai) was attacked by the Prophet. He ordered the attackers:
-In the morning, attack Ubna without telling anyone and burn it!

And the “Ubna” village was burnt, with it’s residents. (Ebu Davud, Jihad/ 91, Hadith 2616, V.3, P.88, Also Note 2 from P.l24: Ibn Mace, Jihad/31, Hadith No: 2843, V.2, P.948).

The trees located in the enemy’s place were cut, the crops burnt.

The prophet had ordered the cutting and burning of the hurma trees belonging to the Benu Nadir tribe. This was mentioned briefly in the 5. Ayeth of the Hasar Surah: “Allah lets you to cut the hurma trees, or but to stand them on their trunks without cutting in the countries of unbelievers. Allah so shames those who gone out of order.” The “burning”, which isn’t covered in this Ayeth, is covered in the Hadiths (Buhari, Jihad/154, Hars/6, Megazi/14, Tesir/59/2, Tecrit, Hadith 1576; Muslim, Jihad/29-31, Hadith 1746; Ebu Davud Jihad/91, Hadith 2615; Tirmizi, Siyer/4, Hadith 1552; Ibn Mace, Jihad/31, Hadith 2845; Darimi, Siyer/22; Ahmed Ibn Hanbel, 2/8,52,80).

—-—hurma agaci ne demek, bak.———-—

In the laws of Islam, during the Jihad, it was settled to cut the young trees, or being burnt without cutting (Damad, V.1, P.496).

What couldn’t be saved from the Hz. Omer’s sword was that, an important cultural treasure for humanity, the Library of Alexandria.

Treasures Promised

Not only the bloods of the Infidels, but their belongings were also halal (Damad, V.1, P.494).

Hasn’t Prophet Mohammed ordered an attack against a Kureysh kervan in the second year of Hicret? Such an attack on a kervan was the start of the progress which had let to Bedir war.

Whatever the United Nations, or the European Human Rights, or the International Helsinki Agreements states, the right to conquer was envisioned in the Qur’an. On top of that, a very big Surah had also been lowered. Besides the Fetih Surah, there was also Enfal Surah. Treasures, belonged to Allah and his messenger (Enfal Surah, 1). Also, allah “was promising too much treasures to be gained in the wars” to the Muslims. Including the war captives, according to the Qur’an text, was of treasure sentence. Could all the existing laws that prohibited Slavery manage such a sentence? Infidels that were captives in the hands of believers, including women and children, was to be divided between the Muslims who took place in the war. So, the rules that was set in the wars between the Arabian tribes before, was to be continued in Islam.

** kervan **

Year 1978. December, we are again in Maras. This was shouted from the speakers of Mosque: “You are poor, Infidel Alevites are rich, what they own, is your rights, believers.”

It is a must for you to revenge

Islam, was bringing forth a new world order. This order, was definitely more advanced than the anarchism and zorbaism of the dark ages, an outlined judicial civilization was born. Human were to abide to the new order. The execution of this, was harsh punishments both in this world and the other.

** zorba **
Kısas size farz kılındı
islam, yeni bir dünya nizamı getiriyordu. Bu nizam, kuşkusuz Cahilliye çağının anarşi ve zorbalığından daha ileriydi, belli bir uygarlaşmanın hukuki çerçevesi getirilmişti. İnsanlar yeni nizama uyacaklardı. Bunun yaptınmı, hem bu dünyada hem de öteki dünyada en ağır cezalardı.

Punishments in this world, was basically revenge.
The Surah Bakara was saying: “You believers, it’s kisasa kisas in murder. Free to free, slave to slave, woman to woman.” (Ayeth No: 178). Asking for revenge was the right for the deceased veli. If a muslim man killed an infidel, kisas didn’t hold. The Surah Bakara, didn’t hold the individual responsible, it continued to hold the group responsible like it was in the old tribal life. The blood’s payment for the deceased, could only hold an equal in the murderer’s group. They could also pay instead of the kisas. A woman muslim’s cost was half of a man.

The other punishments were also exponential with what had been done. “If you are going to torture a group, torture them exponentially with what has been done to you”. 126. Ayeth of Nahl Surah ordered so.

Next to the cutting of uzuvs in kisasa kisas, there were also punishments based on pain like whipping. The punishment for adultery was recm, meaning getting buried in soil and getting stoned.

** kisasa kisas, veli, uzuv **

The skin was to be replaced as they get burned

The punishment in the other life was violence, violence and violence.
Allah, “was to put those who reject his Ayeths in fire, was to replace their burnt skins, in order to taste the pain again” (Surah Nisa, 56). Those who saved gold, silver and didn’t spend them in the way of god, was going to have their foreheads, backs be burnt with this gold and silver hot on the hell fire. The sinful were to drink bloody, irinli waters. They were going to wear shirts in katran, their faces burnt in fire. When they asked for help, they were going to get water like a melt metal. The melt metal was to boil in their stomachs. They would be washed with hot water from their tops. There were iron gurz for them. They would to sleep on fire beds, were to surunecek on the hell floor, were to be put under fire blankets.

** irin, katran, gurz, surunecek **

Fear, fear, fear. The holy book, too often, was to point out the “God Fear”, but have limited place for the “Love of God”. It said “This Qur’an, was passed on to put fear in you, and all those in the reach of it” (Enam, 19). Allah was to say to the prophet: “This book is passed onto you to scare, and to advise people” (Araf,1)> “You the individual who is covered, get up and scare” (Mudessir, 1 and 2). This was what Allah said.

Turks are accustomed to torture

The Helsinki Watch committee, had prepared a report on the laceration of human rights in Turkey in the December of 1985. This report had this view of the USA Embassy in Ankara. Americans had the view that “Turks were accustomed to torture because they were a society that had tendency to violence”. The Prime Minister Turgut Ozal, in a talk he made in the ANAP group (an old political party in Turkey), had said “This is true in a way” (Republic, April, 2 1986). According to the PM, we were a “violent” society. “In the times of the Ottoman, we had a moderate society. But time brought us into a society that acted violent”. Was our society really accustomed to violence?
It was true that the Anatolian people suffered greatly. The history was Their biggest suffering was tanik that we had suffered mostly in the hands of Seljuk and Ottoman Sultans. The history pages had the Sultan of Seljuk Sancar killing hundreds of thousands Turkmen. Melik Sah hadn’t failed his predecessors either. Yavuz Selim murdered tens of thousands Alevite villagers, and made Anatolia into a Sunni place with the sword. A hundred years full of Celali revolts, was also another one of those Ottoman “moderacy” acts. Pasha the “kuyucu” Murat, was renown in the history for cutting heads and filling them in a veil.

** kuyu, kuyucu **

Three out of Four Caliphates were bicaklanmak by Muslims

Aside all these historical facts, the religious doctrine, to the people it could reach, gave a culture of violence: Scaring, hell pains, burns, getting thrown in fire, our people, were to get this violent culture from the Hajis, their grandparents, their predecessors, mother and father. Those who threw rocks at the train windows, those who break street light glasses, with the anger of losing the championship, the acts of vandalizing the environment, didn’t this violent culture have any effect? The Blood Feud, was Middle Asia originated, but didn’t it progress and saw this day with the aid of the Islam rules?

** bicaklanmak **

The Hoja Muslum from Erzincan (a Turkish Town), had sacrificed his 52 days son by cutting him alive for Allah. The Hoja Muslum, was blamed in the year 1962, and he promised his first born son to the god when he was saved. Which culture had affected the Hoja Muslum when taking this desicison?

The web of Qur’an Courses in Turkey, the imam-hatip schools, religious communities and centers, while advertising that Qur’an and Hadith were shining lights on our today, which cultural heritage, which customs were them feeding our society with? And our “secularists” who were trying to answer them using Ayeths and Hadith, to which ideological and cultural bases were they sliding to?

The Bloods of Infidels were halal

It was said not to friend any jew or christian, they had attacked by classifying them as “infidels” and they had conquered their lands in the Ottoman dates.
Turks too had their own share from the Islam sword. The emeviler, for tens of years, had withhold the rules of Islam, by shedding the bloods of “infidel” Turks.

** emeviler **

Alevites were sworded, were forced to live in the mountains. The orders of Seyhul-islam, was stating that the Alevite bloods were “halal”.

One can come up and state that: “This is for peace, when everybody becomes Muslim, humanity will live peace forever”. How can we believe this forever peace…

The prophet’s three out of four Caliphates were murdered by knives. The ones who killed Omar, Osman and Ali, they were also Muslims, no? In the peace of Islam, who did have life security, even after the prophet’s grandchildren were poisoned!

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