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Haziran 15

Only 1 in 10 UK Christians seeks moral guidance from religion

UK residents who think of themselves as Christian show very low levels of Christian belief and practice, according to new research. A poll carried out by Ipsos MORI for the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science (UK) in the week after the 2011 Census focused on the beliefs, attitudes and practices of UK adults who say […]

Haziran 13

Video: George Carlin Din palavradır ( Religion is bullshit)

George Carlin’in en ünlü gösterilerinden biri, You Are All Diseased’den (1999) bir bölüm. Dinlerin aslında ne kadar saçma kavramlar olduklarını kendi mizahi diliyle ifade ediyor. allahsizclub

Haziran 12

Atheism in the Muslim world

This is usually hard to find. In most of the Muslim countries, people that are openly atheists are unheard of. In fact, in countries such as Iran and Saudi Arabia, although I do not know their laws, it is quite possible that atheists are being punished by death sentences, since these countries follow the Sharia […]

Haziran 12

Muslima wird Atheistin – Turkish apostate explains why she reverted to atheism

Atheism is the fastest growing group. The astonishing thing is that hardly anybody is raised as an atheist. It’s a process that may take decades to free oneself from the received brainwashing.  januk36

Mayıs 16

Can Islamists Be Liberals?

FOR years, foreign policy discussions have focused on the question of whether Islam is compatible with democracy. But this is becoming passé. In Tunisia and Egypt, Islamists, who were long perceived as opponents of the democratic system, are now promoting and joyfully participating in it. Even the ultra-Orthodox Salafis now have deputies sitting in the Egyptian […]

Mayıs 01

Who killed Muhammed?

According to Qur’an 69:44-46, if Muhammad were a false prophet, Allah would sever his aorta. Interestingly, when Muhammad died, he said he could feel his sorta being severed. 

Mayıs 01

Did Muhammad Exist?

Did Muhammad exist? It is a question that few have thought to ask, or dared to ask. For most of the fourteen hundred years since the prophet of Islam is thought to have walked the earth, almost everyone has taken his existence for granted. After all, his imprint on human history is enormous.

Mayıs 01

The Origins of Islam

Since Islam is one of the world’s fastest growing religions, through conversion but mostly through reproduction, there is a tremendous need to address this subject, which, because of crazed Islamic fanatics, strikes fear in the hearts of many non-Muslims. Competing with Christianity, with some 270 million people dead in its name Islam represents one of the bloodiest and most repressive ideologies […]